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Social Interaction Patterns - 1801 Words

Social Setting Project Introduction: For this specific project, I conducted observations at three high end franchise coffee shops; I will not be referring to the names of the individual stores throughout my report, as I have collaborated my findings. For the purposes of reader understanding and introduction, the names of the different coffee factories I observed were: Starbucks, Timothy’s World Coffee, and Second Cup. The purpose of the observations was to document what kind of social interactions are going on in a typical coffee shop, interactions that to the naked eye, seem to be normal. I will explain in this report that these social interactions that are occurring in different coffee shops, are meant to take place. Method:†¦show more content†¦People that were interacting with each other almost had a form of tunnel vision, like they were living in their own mileux, with no regard to the atmosphere they were inhibiting. I used the participant observation method, to much of the patrons and staff; I looked like a regular customer doing homework on my laptop. In order to play the part of a â€Å"fly on the wall† I did purchase a coffee at every observation, the thought of sitting down in a coffee shop by myself without purchasing anything seemed a little odd to me, then again, maybe that is how it is meant to feel. Results of the Field Research: a) To my surprise, the settings of all of these coffee shops were relatively the same. Yes there were differences, but mostly in the age of the people working there or frequenting the establishment, other than those couple of things-everything was generally the same. The list of similarities versus the difference is totally skewed toward similarities. I think it would be harder for an observer to pick out the differences of these franchises rather than their similarities. First let’s discuss the companies’ logos themselves. Each one of the companies uses colors and text script that says something about their atmosphere. Each logo uses soothing earthy tones, or colors and script that are cognitively associated with good memories for the average consumer. By nothing else; the logo invites you into the store. Upon entering the stores, you are bombarded by theShow MoreRelatedThe Way We Are Socialized And Why Come From Sociologist Dr. Michael S chwalbe1081 Words   |  5 Pagesby following social patterns, and Erving Goffman who believed the process of socialization is more or less like the theatrical stage. In the book, The Sociologically Examined Life, chapter 7, by sociologist Dr. Michael Schwalbe, he explains that people follow certain patterns in order to navigate life. He states, â€Å"†¦part of being sociologically mindful is seeing that the social world works in patterned ways.† We learn to become members of society by identifying and following patterns of a given societyRead MoreFamily Violence Essay762 Words   |  4 Pagesof these offenders thinking and patterns of acceptable behaviors which made violence against another person to be acceptable practice. 3. What might this article add to understanding global offenders? I think that it would be interesting to see how the statistics would change once the offenders went through extensive therapy. Would the therapy break or improve the cycle of violence? And by how much? 4. What does this issue identify about potential social marginalization? Because theseRead MoreSocial Order (Foucault and Goffman)1463 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Social order derives from an interpretation of a net of relations, symbols and social codes. It creates a sense of how individuals all fit together in shared spaces (Silva, 2009, p. 308), and thus relies on encoding of human behaviour in physical spaces as well as among various individuals. In any society, people must acquire knowledge of how to relate to one another and their environment. Order is then established by a normalisation and standardisation of this knowledge. This essayRead MoreSelf Communication And Conscious Communication1478 Words   |  6 Pagesforms of communication in order to transfer and receive information to and from one another; conscious communication and sub- conscious communication (Harvard Business Review, 2011). We use these communication modalities to navigate various social interactions and convey certain images of ourselves to society. The conscious element of how humans convey information is deliberate (e.g. choosing to laugh at a joke) and controlla ble (e.g. changing the model of the car that we drive), these displays areRead MoreThe Conflict Resolution Of Sri Lanka1374 Words   |  6 Pagesthe society. There are three main theories on conflict resolution, that is, the functionalist theory, symbolic interaction theory and the conflict theory. The assumption governing the Functionalist theory involves the presence of organized societies. According to this theory, conflict is not desirable as members of the society are expected to conform to the existing political and social norms (Shepard 2012). This theory argues that the society is a complex system whose parts work together so as toRead MoreDifferent Types Of Values967 Words   |  4 Pagesnumbers given. The box and whisker plots confirm this showing that the bottom 25% of values is 0 for ATSI students and 5 or less for non-ATSI students. From looking at the box and whisker plot it indicates that non-ATSI students do engage in more social interaction with friends. This is shown through a larger range and each quartile other than 1 being a higher number. The range of the middle 50% for ATSI is 23 (0-23), whereas for non-ATSI’s it is 17 (5-22). Whilst a bigger IQR is evident for ATSI’s theRead MoreChimpanzees Exhibit Culture Through Social Interaction1167 Wo rds   |  5 Pagessociety, individuals make up social groupings that form ideas, behaviors and materials objects that encompass what they define as culture. Culture is not only essential for survival, but for growth and communication; through interaction, observation and imitation our behavioral patterns thus create culture. Since culture is such a tool kit for survival, it does not come as a surprise that culture is apparent in animals. Animal culture refers to the theory of social interaction, through means of learningRead More Temple Grandin Essay example1124 Words   |  5 Pagesof autistic children are intellectually and analytically oriented, but lack emotional warmth (Meyer, Chapman, Weaver, 2009).Some psychodynamic theorist believe autistic children were born normal, but became autistic after experiencing painful interactions with hostile or cold parents (Hansell Damour, 2008). The term autistic implies a failure to effectively relate to the environment. Autistic indivi duals are perceived as elusive and distant (Meyer, Chapman, Weaver, 2009). Behavioral programsRead MoreHuman And Social Interaction And Development Of Self1703 Words   |  7 Pageshave about status, class, abilities sociologists study how self-identity develops especially in relation to social factors as majority of them belive â€Å"One way in which a person s sense of self is constructed is by other people is by how others seem to regard and respond to us† (uts, p.22). Goffman uses the imagery of the theatre in order to portray the importance of human and social interaction and the development of self whilst Mead believes that self is developed through a constant internal conversionRead MoreReview Of Rain Man By Dustin Hoffman And Tom Cruise s Movie Fog Man1584 Words   |  7 PagesDisorders (5th ed,; DSM-5; American Psychiatric Association, 2013), Raymond is diagnosed as autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This paper will describe the symptoms on DSM-5 accompany Raymondâ⠂¬â„¢s behaviors in the movie. Moreover, biological, psychological, and social factors could influence ASD’s development in variance ways. The suggested treatment will also be discussed. First time Raymond appeared in the movie, he recognized the car, and he just directly sited in the car. â€Å"I’m sorry, this is not your car.†

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Teenage Cosmetic Surgery - 1868 Words

TEENAGE COSMETIC SURGERY How young should some one be before they are ready to have cosmetic surgery? According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports â€Å"the number of girls eight-teen and younger getting cosmetic surgeries, such as breast augmentations has nearly tripled from 3,872 in the year of 2002 to 11,326 in the year of 2003â€Å" ( Farrell 1 ). The increasing number of teenage girls under twenty having cosmetic surgeries should be aware of the risks, know that their bodies aren’t ready to go under such procedures and that they should not allow the media or low self-esteem influence their decisions. One cause for teens participating in cosmetic surgery is because the media portrays an unreality view of beauty.†¦show more content†¦Many teens idolize a celebrity, which is normal, but wanting to be or look like one is a different subject. Some teens bring in a picture of a celebrity and allow the doctor to show them how they may be able to have features more like the celebrity. Many cosmetic surgeons discourage anyone wanting to look exactly like anyone else. â€Å"This is unrealistic and may indicate a more serious problem like Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). BDD is the inability of an individual to see how they appear.† (Palmer). People who have BDD tend to have a distorted view of themselves meaning they don’t see themselves the ways other people do. These teens believe that cosmetic surgery will solve their physically problems, but looking like some else doesn’t help them figure out who they are. Brown 5 â€Å"One of the concerns about plastic surgery on adolescents is that their bodies are still maturing. In addition to development that may occur in the late teens, growth charts indicate that the average girl gains weight between the ages of 18 and 21, that is likely to change her desire or need for breast augmentations as well as liposuction.† (Zuckerman 1). A teenager’s body may not be fully developed until they reach 18 or maybe even 21. With that said some cosmetic surgeries, not all but most, can interfere with the body’s natural growth. No matter how much a teenager may want breast augmentations, liposuction, or cheekShow MoreRelatedHow Media Has Become A Big Influence For Teenage Cosmetic Surgeries1757 Words   |  8 PagesEver looked at someone and thought how could their nose be so perfect? Or any of their features? According to the AMA Journal of Ethics, â€Å"In recent years, more than 223,000 cosmetic procedures were performed on patients 18 years of age or younger, and almost 39,000 were surgical procedures such as nose reshaping, breast lifts, breast augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tucks.† Among today’s society, outside beauty and staying forever young are the newest trends. Today, a devastating amount of AmericanRead MoreCosmetic Surgery for Teens857 Words   |  4 Pagesthe 223,000 c osmetic surgeries in 2003 on patients who were 18 years old or younger, 39,000 of them were breast augmentation, nose reshaping, and liposuction. Many parents are giving their teenage daughters breast implants for gifts. However, parents and teens do not take into consideration that teens bodies are still developing (Zuckerman, 2005). As the adolescents body grows, body parts that seem to large or too small can become proportionate (Izenberg, 2004). The average teenage girl can gainRead MoreTeenagers Should Never Have Cosmetic Surgery Essay1555 Words   |  7 PagesTeenagers Should Never Have Cosmetic Surgery In 2012, over 236,000 teenagers from the ages of 13-19 years old, went under the syringe to have a cosmetic procedure done (Gilbert, Web). Teenagers should never be able to have cosmetic surgeries because of the harmful effects the procedures have. Teenage minds and bodies are not fully developed until they are in their early twenties. Therefore, doctors are unable to fully comprehend the risks these procedures will have on the teenagers, since theirRead MoreCosmetic Surgery : The Plastic Surgery Capital Of The World893 Words   |  4 PagesMany people know that South Korea is known as the plastic surgery capital of the world. Plastic surgery was once a major taboo in Korea, where those who have gotten it done would be looked down upon on by family and friends, but now the pursuit of perfection has made cosmetic surgery much more popular and open to the public. About one in five women in Korea would have some kind of plastic surgery done, and many neighborhoods and subway stations a re lined with advertisements and billboards to promoteRead MoreAnalysis Of The Article Teens Under The Knife By Kaitlyn Ali And Tiffany Lam1351 Words   |  6 PagesIn the article entitled Teens Under the Knife written by Kaitlyn Ali and Tiffany Lam readers are informed on the possible risks that are exposed to teens who have cosmetic surgery. Ali and Lam state, There are many risks in plastic surgery, such as permanent numbness, infections, blood clots, and even death (par. 9). The developing bodies of teens are still changing which could lead to altering the effects or future displacement of the surgical procedure. The article states, Because teens Read MoreTeenagers and the Plastic Surgery Epidemic Essay1090 Words   |  5 Pagesjust how far is too far? The numbers of teens going through with plastic surgery is startling and will continue to rise as America falls in to a beauty obsessed epidemic. The most drastic method used for mega alterations among teenagers is plastic surgery. There are two types of plastic surgery: reconstructive and cosmetic (Monohan). Reconstructive procedures are carried out in order to correct defects on the body. Cosmetic procedures alter a part of the body that a person is not satisfied withRead MoreSociety s Outlook On Plastic Surgery963 Words   |  4 Pagesplastic surgery has changed throughout the years; it has become something so common that it is no longer looked down upon on. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons â€Å"15.6 million cosmetic procedures, including both minimally-invasive and surgical, were performed in the United States in 2014, an increase of 3 percent since 2013.† and the rates continue to expand as the years go by. There are so many more surgical procedures that can be done compared to when plastic surgeries began backRead MoreEssay on Photo-shopped Lies1050 Words   |  5 Pagesdevastating effects that continue to increase. Photoshop has become increasingly popular to magazine and brand editors, celebrities, and models. This affects the way teens see themselves resulting in drastic measures such as eating disorders, cosmetic surgery, and bullying one another for being different. The first case of an eating disorder recognized medically was in 1873 (â€Å"Key Events†). The eating disorder was anorexia nervosa and was associated with one’s personal physiological factors. In thisRead MoreShould Teens Undergo Plastic Surgery?1565 Words   |  7 PagesShould teens undergo cosmetic surgery? In todays society the picture of beauty is a rail thin super model with the body of a goddess posted on billboards all around the world. Children are brought up playing with Barbie dolls with the body measurements of would be 39, 18, 38. Because of these pictures and other figures of beauties projected all over, today teenagers are convinced to believe that to be beautiful and happy they must look like these images. According to a survey by Bliss MagazineRead MorePlastic Surgery Operations For The Age1337 Words   |  6 Pagesplastic surgery operations for the age group 13-19 in 2012 alone (Penningtons Manches) and surely the rate has increased in the past 4 years. Many people believe that it is up to the child to decide what they do to their bodies but those decisions can negatively affect their overall wellbeing. Understanding that there are certain exceptions, such as it being medically necessary, to this, teenagers under the age of 18 should not be allowed, even with parental co nsent, to get plastic surgery for cosmetic

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Abortion A Controversial Issue - 1165 Words

Suprise! The pregnancy test was positive, you re pregnant! I know you weren t expecting this so what are you gonna do? Keep it? Put it up for adoption? Abort it? Abortion is one of the most controversial social justice topics people face. Everybody has their own opinions and beliefs about abortion. Abortion is a controversial topic. People who have opinions about this topic usually strongly sides with one side of the pro-life/ pro-choice debate. Abortion is the expulsion of a fetus from the uterus before it has reached the stage of viability, about 20 weeks in humans. (â€Å"Abortion† Britannica school). Sometimes, an abortion isn t necessarily planned, which is called a miscarriage. A miscarriage is when the mother looses the baby while the baby is in the womb. When the abortion is planned, It is called an induced abortion. A woman may choose to have an abortion for many reasons. Th]er is four general categories to file the reason for an abortion under. These reasons are: sav ing the life of the mother and/ or preserving the mental well being of her, to stop the baby from forming after it was conceived by rape or incest, preventing the birth of a child with a very serious deformity or illness, and preventing the completion of the pregnancy because of social and/or economic reasons. Although most reasons fit into one of the categories listed above, there may be other reasons a woman chooses to abort the fetus. She may be forced to by a spouse, partner, or a parent. AnotherShow MoreRelatedThe Controversial Issue Of Abortion878 Words   |  4 Pagesrecent discussions of abortion, the controversial issue has become whether or not women should be given the right to take their unborn child’s life away. Many believe in all having the right to live while others believe in the right to be given a choice. Women do not want to be given restrictions, they want to be able to have a voice when making decisions. With abortion women have a hard time making thei r decision based upon the judgement others make if the decision of abortion is followed throughRead MoreAbortion : A Controversial Issue1256 Words   |  6 PagesAbortion is a very controversial issue. To first start out abortion is the deliberate termination of a woman’s pregnancy, most often performed within the first 22 weeks of pregnancy. People can either be pro-choice or pro-life for abortion. Being pro-choice means that people believe that it is a woman’s choice to get an abortion if they want one. Pro-life means people believe no matter what if a woman is pregnant they should have the baby; no abortion. I intent to explain why women who get pregnantRead MoreAbortion : A Controversial Issue Of Abortion Essay2668 Words   |  11 PagesAbortion is terminating a pregnancy before the fetus has been born. Abortion has been and still is very controversial and has had an increasing amount of cases all over the world. In 2000 there were over one million abortions in t he United States (Harper, et al., 501). Abortion is one of the most common procedures women undergo. According to the current abortion rates about thirty percent of women will have an abortion by the age of forty-five (Jones and Kavanaugh, 2011). Most abortions are attributedRead MoreThe Controversial Issue Of Abortion1555 Words   |  7 Pagestopic of abortion in the United States has been and remains one of the most controversial issues in western culture and politics. An abortion can be defined as the expulsion of a fetus from the uterus before it can survive on its own. This comprises two major forms of abortion: spontaneous, which is often referred to as a miscarriage or induced abortion, which is the deliberate termination of a pregnancy. The term is commonly used to refer to the induced abortion, and this is the abortion, which hasRead MoreThe Controversial Issue Of Abortion865 Words   |  4 Pages Today, people have the right to voice their thoughts regarding a topic, rather they’re different or alike, creating a new philosophy about it, or supporting the traditional belief. In regards to the topic, Abortion has been a subject of controversial matters. Some believing they have the right to do such an act while others would absolutely disagree. Before supporting such an act or not, we typically take into consideration the goods and bads of the action first. While taking a life might be oneRead MoreAbortion : A Controversial Issue911 Words   |  4 PagesAbortion is a controversial issue in many countries all the time and there are always two sides of abortion. Pro-life supporters believe that abortion is immoral, so they argue that it should be illegal because an unborn baby is life. However, they do not figure out that woman who is on the inevitable situation such as infection, rape, or extreme poverty would still have the abortion even though the abortion is illegal. Many women die due to unsafe abortion, which is illegal and performed by uneducatedRead MoreAbortion : A Controversial Issue843 Words   |  4 PagesAbortion Abortion has been a very controversial issue in the United States for the past several decades. Many people think that is it morally wrong. To say that something is morally wrong is an opinion. Since everyone’s opinions are different on this topic there have been many court cases and protests against abortion. However there are a lot of people out there that believe that abortion is a rightful decision. My personal opinion on the abortion controversy is that every woman should have theRead MoreAbortion : A Controversial Issue989 Words   |  4 Pagesaverage total of abortions performed annually in America ( Abortion is a very controversial issue in the United States and all across the globe. First, I will discuss the different types of abortion. Next, I will explain when the abortions are performed. Then, I will share some of the laws regarding abortion in the United States. Finally, I will express my views on abortion. Abortion should be illegal in all states. First, I will discuss the various types of abortion. There are threeRead MoreAbortion: a Controversial Issue1159 Words   |  5 PagesAbortion: A Controversial Issue One of the major controversial issues confronting the society today is abortion. I choose abortion as the topic of discussion since it contradicts my values and beliefs. Abortion is the extraction of the human fetus from the mothers womb with an intention to end the life of that fetus prior to its natural birth. The controversy surrounding abortion is whether it should be legalized or not? In my opinion, abortion is morally and ethically wrong because it leadsRead MoreAbortion : A Controversial Issue882 Words   |  4 Pagesconsider abortion as a rightful act, and abortion is a name of destroying human life. Now a days our society faces several types of issues Abortion is one of the complicated issue for both ways health and society that’s why abortion become a very controversial issue that’s become debatable in politics. In addition, these researches will describe the different issues of abortion, such as, legal laws on abortion, restriction of abortions, rate of ab ortion and consequences of the abortion. Abortion is

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sdsaf Essay Example For Students

sdsaf Essay Similarites between Alice Walker and Zora Neale HurstonAlice Walker discovered Zora Neale Hurston when she needed some authentic material on voodoo practiced by blacks in the South in the 1930s. The Revenge of Hannah Kemhuff had so much impact on Walker, she wrote about it repeatedly. The Color Purple has many parallels to Hurstons Their Eyes Were Watching God. Walker highly valued the works of Hurston. Walker says about Hurston:Hurston was exposing not simply an adequate culture but a superior one.Both authors have extremely similar themes, main characters, and attitudes toward women, especially the black women. They also share a common appreciation for language. Common Themes*Uncovering the soul of the black woman*The rise above sexual and racial oppression for relative peace and independence*The breakaway from a suffocating, loveless marriage in search for ones own self.*The unity of women*Salvation leads to powerSimilarities between Celie and Janie*Seen as mules of the world*Unwillingly forced into a marriage involving little compassion and intellect, but involving physical as well as mental abuse*Seeking for control of their lives*Searching for independence in a culture that imposes many limitations*Yearning to create, dream, grow, love, and to be freeAlice Walker even wrote a poem on Janie. Click here to view it. Hurston and Walkers similar attitudes on women and menWOMEN*Searching for their own voice*Formed intimate relationships with each other women to help them survive struggles*In the end, they are very strong and courageousMEN*In most cases, they are very controlling*Instead of treating their marriages as an equal partnership, they smother their wives*Failure to see the beauty of life, including relationships with othersclick here for summary of Walkers Looking for Zora

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Anesthesiology And Nursing Essays - Anesthesia, Nurse Anesthetist

Anesthesiology And Nursing Who would have thought that a small carbon based organic compound such as ether would spawn a new field of medical specializations, changing the history of medicine for ever. Ether was discovered in 1275 by a Spanish chemist named Raymundus Lullius,(Evans,1995,p 1). It was his discovery that allowed William E. Clark to use ether as an anesthetic for the first time in 1842. He administered the ether on a dental patient for Elijah Pope as he performed a dental extraction on Miss Hobbie,(Evans,1995.p 1). This was the first step in the creation of the field of anesthesia. This new technology was quickly put to use to relieve pain in all areas of medicine, and its use was seen in hospital operating rooms, dentists' offices and battle fields. This new practice in medicine was primarily taken on by the physicians of that time. This new method added to a doctors routine of operating on patients, this proved to be to taxing on the doctor as well as their patients. The added burden of administering the anesthetics along with doing the operation and resuscitation of the patient safely was too much for the doctors. This fact was proven by the increase in mortality rates of patients put under by doctors who administered their own anesthetic. The increasing mortality rates forced the medical proffesion to demanded a change in how anesthesia was given. It was thought that the person administering the anesthetic should do that and only that during an operation. This would free up the physicians so that they could concentrate on the operation at hand. The remaining question was, who do we get to administer the anesthesia? This person would have already be trained in some aspect of the medical field and demonstrate good critical thought and good cognitive reasoning. The doctors only needed to look up from the operating table and to their assistants in health care CRNA 3 to get their answer, it was the nurse. From that moment on the first specialization in clinical nursing was born and those in that specialty were named nurse anesthetists,(Thatcher,1952,p11). The earliest documentation of anesthetic care given to a patient by a nurse was the work done by Sister Mary Bernard in 1887. She was a catholic nun who worked at the St. Vincent hospital in Erie Pennsylvania,(Thatcher,1952,p 12). The nurse anesthetists of that time were trained by physicians at first, but as time went on the nurses took a more active role in the study and research of anesthetics and eventually surpassed their teachers in the field of anesthesiology. This advance led to role reversal, where the teacher became the student and the student became the teacher. By 1909 the first formal educational program designed for nurse anesthetists was started at St. Vincents Hospital in Portland Oregon,(Evans,1995,p 3). Upon graduation from the school, the nurse anesthetists were placed in all sorts of settings. Most impressive were the teaching positions held by nurses in the medical schools of that time. They became the primary instructors of anesthetic to medical students. The nurse anesthetist also held positions in the battlefields. During World War One, the American nurse anesthetist was the primary health giver to troops in the European theaters of combat. While at war the American nurses influenced other foreign nurses and that led to the spread of nurse anesthetists throughout the world. With the wars came a sharp increase in the demand of anesthetists, and this in turn increased the number of institutions needed for training and broadened the criteria for educating the nurses. By the end of war it was evident that the nurse anesthetist was an invaluable profession that had established itself as one of the most important of all in medicine. With all of this growth and evolution it became necessary that the profession of nurse anesthetists needed to have some structure and governance. On June 17, 1931 the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists CRNA 4 (AANA), wasformed and held its first meeting. From that point on the nurse anesthetist had a new name, they were also known as Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, (CRNA). Up until World War Two, anesthesia was considered a nursing specialty. This fact was credited in 1942 when the ratio of CRNA's to anesthesiologists(M.D.) was seventeen to one. Those statistics stayed relatively the same until the sixties,(Evans,1995,p 3). The construction of criteria and guidelines for CRNA programs has been the responsibility of the AANA and government organizations. Together they also created the criteria that was necessary for schools to follow to keep their accreditation

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Barefoot in the Park, Neil Simons 1963 Romantic Comedy

Barefoot in the Park, Neil Simon's 1963 Romantic Comedy Barefoot in the Park is a romantic comedy written by Neil Simon. It premiered on Broadway in 1963, featuring leading man Robert Redford. The play was a smash hit, running for over 1,500 performances.​​​ The Basic Plot Corie and Paul are newlyweds, fresh from their honeymoon. Corie is still enthralled by her recent sexual awakening and the adventure that comes with youth and marriage. She wants their passionate romantic life to continue at full speed. Paul, however, feels it is time to focus on his burgeoning career as an up-and-coming lawyer. When they dont see eye-to-eye about their apartment, their neighbors, and their sex drive, the new marriage experiences its first patch of rough weather. The Setting Choose a good location for your play, and the rest will write itself. Thats what seems to happen in Barefoot in the Park. The entire play takes place on the fifth floor of a New York apartment building, one without an elevator. In Act One, the walls are bare, the floor is vacant of furniture, and the skylight is broken, allowing it to snow in the middle of their apartment at the most inopportune of moments. Walking up the stairs completely exhausts the characters, granting hilarious, out-of-breath entrances for telephone repairmen, delivery men, and mother-in-laws alike. Corie loves everything about their new, dysfunctional home, even if one must turn the heat off to warm up the place and flush down in order to make the toilet work. Paul, however, does not feel at home, and with the mounting demands of his career, the apartment becomes a catalyst for stress and anxiety. The setting initially creates the conflict between the two lovebirds, but it is the neighbor character who furthers the tension. The Crazy Neighbor Victor Velasco wins the award for the most colorful character in the play, even outdoing the bright, adventuresome Corie. Mr. Velasco prides himself on his eccentricity. He shamelessly sneaks through his neighbors apartments in order to break into his own. He climbs out  five-story windows and travels daringly across the buildings ledges. He loves exotic food and even more exotic conversation. When he meets Corie for the first time, he happily admits to being a dirty old man. Although, he does note that he is only in his fifties and therefore still in that awkward phase. Corie is charmed by him, even going as far as covertly arranging a date between Victor Velasco and her prudish mother. Paul distrusts the neighbor. Velasco represents everything Paul does not want to become: spontaneous, provocative, silly. Of course, those are all traits which Corie values. Neil Simons Women If Neil Simons late wife was anything like Corie, he was a lucky man. Corie embraces life as a series of exciting quests, one more exciting than the next. She is passionate, funny, and optimistic. However, if life becomes dull or tedious, then she shuts down and loses her temper. For the most part, she is the complete opposite of her husband. (Until he learns to compromise and actually walk barefoot in the park... while intoxicated.) In some ways, she is comparable to Julie the deceased wife featured in Simons 1992 Jakes Women. In both comedies, the women are vibrant, youthful, naà ¯ve, and adored by the male leads. Neil Simons first wife, Joan Baim, may have exhibited some of those traits seen in Corie. At the very least, Simon seemed to have been head-over-heels in love with Baim, as indicated in this excellent New York Times article, The Last of the Red Hot Playwrights written by David Richards: The first time I saw Joan she was pitching softball, Simon remembers. I couldnt get a hit off her because I couldnt stop looking at her. By September, writer and counselor were married. In retrospect, it strikes Simon as a period of great innocence, green and summery and gone forever. I noticed one thing almost as soon as Joan and Neil were married, says Joans mother, Helen Baim. It was almost like he drew an invisible circle around the two of them. And nobody went inside that circle. Nobody! A Happy Ending, Of Course What ensues is a light-hearted, predictable final act, in which tensions mount between the newlyweds, culminating with a brief decision to separate (Paul sleeps on the couch for a spell), followed by the realization that both husband and wife should compromise. Its yet another simple (but useful) lesson on moderation. Is Barefoot Funny to Todays Audience? In the sixties and seventies, Neil Simon was the hitmaker of Broadway. Even throughout the eighties and nineties, he was creating plays that were vibrant crowd-pleasers. Plays such as Lost in Yonkers and his autobiographic trilogy pleased the critics as well. Although by todays media-frenzied standards, plays such as Barefoot in the Park may feel like the pilot episode of a slow-paced sitcom; yet there is still a lot to love about his work. When it was written, the play was a comedic look at a modern young couple who learn to live together. Now, enough time has gone by, enough changes in our culture and relationships have occurred, that Barefoot feels like a time capsule, a glimpse into a nostalgic past when the worst thing couples could argue about is a broken skylight, and all conflicts could be resolved simply by making a fool of oneself.

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Panera Bread Case Study Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Panera Bread Case Study - Research Paper Example The company has been quite fortunate to be mentioned by the Wall Street Journal as the one of the middle sized cafà © which provides excellent service and superior quality food to its customers. The management structure went through changes during the year 2007 which assisted the company to focus more clearly on the designed goals. As of 2013, Panera Bread has been operating in Canada as well as in more than thirty states and successfully delivering its authentic bread in a warm and cozy ambience by ensuring efficient service. The mission of Panera Bread is based on the concept of ‘A loaf of bread in every arm’. Panera’s aim is to emphasize much on its strategy of Bread Leadership in which they strive to offer fresh bread to savor the taste buds of its customers across the US states and Canada. The management staff at Panera is well aware of its goals and objectives and ensures that the best product, service and ambience is experienced by the customers at both company operated and franchises of Panera Bread. Freshly baked bread that is made available to all its cafes everyday serves as the differentiating feature for Panera bread and all the efforts are directed towards the achievement and maintenance of this key feature. The key strategy of Panera is to keep itself updated technologically and innovatively in such a way that it stands strongly in competition. The mission statement of Panera serves as the driving force for its strategy. Panera keeps revising and updating its menu so as to meet the organic and healthy food requirements of its customers. The price of food charged at Panera is a little higher than those of its rivals because Panera believes in delivery real quality to its customers in terms of product, ambience and service and it cannot risk this goal by offering cheap rates for customers’ attention. Strengthening the differentiation feature of freshly baked bread reaching the restaurants of Panera Bread everyday is also a key part of the